How long do you plan to use a cycle?

The cycle of a steroid cycle is between 8 and 16 weeks, although not PCT. If the cycle is too long, you need to let the PCT to speed up the recovery of their hormone levels, such as HCG may need to run through your cycle. In the cycle, the drug’s male sign, and synthesis capacity is very need to pay attention to two things, , Combined with anti-estrogen to offset the physiological impact of the cycle to bring you. If the cycle is too short, and did not really cause your body to suppress hormone levels, many players will ignore the pct, but this result will also cause a large loss of your muscles, the correct approach is whether your cycle length and short, you Should do pct and give your body two months of natural recovery time. In the face of different cycle of choice, you may be at a loss what to do here, I tell you, choose to do a long cycle is always better than a short-term cycle, if you really need is to obtain high-quality muscle, Select a 12-16 week cycle, then complete the PCT, and rest for at least two months.