What do you want to do with steroids?

Basically steroids are often divided into three categories:

⑴ maximum muscle growth cycle – this type of cycle mainly to bring you the most muscle growth, a muscle growth cycle is often a large number of muscle growth accompanied by muscle water and fat growth, but many novice still Will choose a muscle cycle to start their own steroid tour, because a muscle cycle is much cheaper than the other cycle, and because of the short cycle of muscle-specific features short period, most of the first to increase the muscle latitude of the novice Favor. Of course, at the end of the cycle to use the correct PCT is essential. Speaking of novice cycle can not fail to mention the most basic cycle of the test in a new cycle of any drug should be used with the test, you may hear countless people and you talked about test, but you should understand is that Different test products have different lipid chains to maintain their metabolism in your body length, so a different test is based on your purpose to do different choices. The same dose of long chain test than a short chain of the actual content of the test chain is lower. For example, Test P, 500mg weekly dose really works in your body only 74% of the effective dose is only 370mg. Test E, the real effective dose is only 55%, Test C and Test E content is relatively close, the more fat chain length of the test will have more specialized side effects, if you have used short-chain test, you will Found that the same dose you will get better results than the long chain, because your body to get more effective dose of test. Of course, as a novice, because the short chain in the body of the metabolic time is much faster than the long chain, so in order to reduce the number of injections, you may choose a long chain test.

⑵ fat-like cycle – this type of cycle is usually used to burn fat shaping muscle lines, so that the muscles look more type harder, usually fat reduction cycle for training requirements are often higher than the requirements of increased muscle, has reached the most Good shaping effect, in general, a fat reduction cycle will not bring you edema and obesity in the body, and increased muscle mass is much higher than a muscle growth cycle, the cycle is generally higher than the price of muscle Cycle, of course, the specific situation is based on your cycle drug types and your cycle time.

⑶ muscle mass and fat reduction cycle – we usually become pure muscle cycle, this cycle generally than the increase muscle and fat reduction cycle longer, and contains more types of drugs, including muscle growth cycle used in, Fat loss cycle in the use of drugs, generally do not have the characteristics of water storage, and after the end of the cycle will not like the muscle growth cycle that lost a lot of muscle growth, of course, in this cycle of the user’s diet also has certain requirements. The shortest time generally in 12-16 weeks (excluding PCT time), the pure muscle cycle price is much higher than other cycles, it is generally more suitable for high-level athletes, of course, for many want to do 1-2 cycle to improve the shape of the Ordinary people is a very good choice.

⑷ Growth power cycle – for many need to grow strength, including weightlifting, track and field athletes, including users need to most directly increase their own strength to improve performance, this kind of special cycle in addition to competitive sports usually very few people will use. This cycle also has another role, that is, during the weight loss before the game, you can still maintain their power results!