Can you accept the frequency of steroid injections?

This is a very popular topic in the circle, the first pure oral cycle is not invalid, but the price is very limited. So how long can you take the injection? As a novice, we usually give a detailed injection method, but if you are still afraid of injection, this only shows that you are not ready to use steroids, of course, you just ordinary enthusiasts is another matter. In one of the most common cycles, your injections will be no fewer than 6 pins for the test, and do not include other drugs, so it is recommended that the novice uses a half-life closer to the drug throughout the cycle, so you may save a lot Trouble to calculate the time of metabolism of each drug in the body to determine when the next injection, the same injection problem you should learn more, rather than listen to any one coach in the gym remarks, when you know the half-life of drugs More conducive to you to arrange their PCT time. If you are the first cycle, it is recommended not to inject more than twice a week.