7 Best Legal Steroids Reviews in 2017



What do we say about this drug? In fact, it is the most well-known on the market of a steroid, is the oldest one to start using the earliest. Do not know the exact date, but it is said that from the late 1940s appeared. Some people think that to be later, but I do not believe so. This steroid is designed specifically to allow you to grow and develop! The clinical dose is 50mg per day, which is 10 per day. The trick to using this highly popular steroid is first to increase to the peak and then to decrease gradually. I strongly recommend using D-Bal when using right supple-ments, which can inhibit the vigorous water retention. The growth and strength can obtain the utilization of this product will be colossal. A 10-week cycle of 10-20 pounds is not uncommon. Highly recommended for novice use, basically with any other suitable steroids with.

Summary: If you can buy actually, that would be great. To obtain the best results can be used on behalf of the card and testosterone cyclopentane propionate (Cypionate) with the use.





This drug is undoubtedly one of the best and safest steroids available today. The color of the capsule is red, and the real thing is encoded on each capsule. Anyway, I used to have coded, and I know they are true. The content of capsules is 40 mg, and the recommended dosage is usually 200 to 250 mg per day. This dose is high because Antel can only stay in the body about 8-10 hours, then dissipated. Another additional benefit is that although it is testosterone, there does not seem to be a problem with water retention in the form of injections. This medicine does not require too much attention, but be careful, there are many fakes. Find out what Organon produces.

Summary: If 10 points out of this drug I will give 9 points, there is no perfect. Very safe.

This steroid has been in use for some years, and many people like to use it. Low miles, mainly for the pre-competition phase, because its water retention is relatively low. Use in the offseason to help make the muscles strong and tangible, and can almost be used with any drug. It cannot produce large muscle mass when used alone, but the growth it produces is very good. This medicine is 5mg tablets, but be careful, everywhere is fake. This year I have seen only a few Antel, so be careful. The dose is 6-8 tablets per day, but it is best to use the pyramid method, the first slow increase and then reduce.

Summary: for the novice is very good. For ladies, it is a good idea to keep the dose 4-6 tablets a day. If you want to keep the water low, this is a very safe steroid.





This drug can be regarded as “rocket fuel.” Is indeed a very strong oral medication, the use must be careful because it has an active male and anabolic properties. It will definitely bring you growth, but be careful to use. Novartis / tamoxifen is strongly recommended to use with this steroid. This will help combat the high water retention properties of this drug. It is undoubtedly the best on the market today, the power of circumference and growth agent.

Summary: If used with caution, the drug will cause muscle growth, and if you do not respect the drug’s characteristics, overuse … will cause problems.



#4 Trenorol (Trenbolone)


This drug has two specifications, 5mg, and 50mg; the latter is relatively easy to buy. Its anabolic effect is very strong, while the male characteristics are very low, which makes it the best choice for the preparation race. This medicine is excellent for women! Good results for the daily dose of 2-3 tablets, 1-2 tablets of women.

Summary: The use of segmentation works well. Both men and females are healthy choices. With the generation, the card can be a good match.





Another excellent choice for a novice. Whether it is used alone or in the group side is a very safe one. It is a low male drug but can produce favorable circumference and strength growth without any trouble. The side effects of Dangling are minimal, or none. It is also known as Stromba, but the real thing is often called Winstrol Zambon, a product from South Africa. The drug is typically placed in a gray box with white and brown prints. WINSTROL the word is brown, Zambon is white. It is now possible to purchase 2 mg tablets. A high dose is usually used because of its low toxicity. Men 12-15 tablets a day, women 4-6 per day can get good results. This steroid is my favorite solid form of an injection. On the injection, the form will be mentioned later.

Summary: Highly recommended.




Clenbuterol it is an active support of training, if you like, it will give you a real stimulus. If you take half an hour to an hour before the training, it will bring you incredible excitement. You can train with greater intensity and attention. The effective dosage is 2-4 tablets before training.

Summary: Recommended, but not for anyone with a history of heart disease. It can shorten the heart rate, which burns more calories. Is conducive to weight loss.




Struggling to shift your wobbly chest? If you are suffering from the dreaded man boobs, Gynectrol is the answer. It’s powerful, synergistic formula targets the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the mammary glands, eliminating all traces of gynecomastia.

Man boobs, more commonly known as ‘moobs,’ are caused by excess fatty tissue stored over your pectoral muscles. Intense strength training and lowering your overall body fat is an excellent way to get rid of your man moobs. But you can also blast them away with Gynectrol. It targets the fat cells hiding your pecs and reduces them in both size and quantity, leaving you with a firmer, more masculine chest.

Many people have said that in the preparation phase of the use of good results, resulting in an angular shape. The dosage is 10-20 mg per day.

Summary: Who wants to reduce breast size and improve your chest appearance. Recommended to take this!